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You don't like to admit when you're wrong and being slow to do so will serve you well.


You're not the only one responsible for what has happened. Take a moment to review all sides. The conventional wisdom suggests that the past cannot be changed, and yet, since it exists in your mind, it changes all of the time. The way you view your history will transform yet again today.

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You're more likely to believe what is entirely, outrageously incredible than buy into the boring truth. This is a good quality now, as a bit of strange fantasy will fuel your motivation. LEO July Aug. You are not in the mood to compromise. You won't sell out your own interests, and you feel the same way about the rest of your team. Your loyalty will be rewarded.

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It's good to be charming and even better to be charming with your own means of transportation. Your smile will get you the invitation, but you'll need a car to get to the party. You value lively conversation. Sometimes, you have to work a little harder for it. The reading you do now will help future interactions.

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Also, take note of the best bits of your day to share with a trusted friend later. If you want to do something well, save yourself time and effort by going straight to the one who already has mastered the skill. Imitate the master for a while to learn the ropes. When arrangements don't go as anticipated, you won't judge or complain. Instead, you'll simply observe the interaction, taking note of how you might, when and if you feel like it, change your approach.

You want justice in a matter, not only for you but for all involved.

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You're willing to fight for what is really right, even if it benefits others more than it does you. If only tomorrow's troubles could be drained away by worrying about them today. But it doesn't work that way.

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The only thing that will be drained away by worry is your energy. Think positive and get in motion. There's a beautiful view on the horizon, but you may be the only one to notice at first. You'll be challenged to draw the attention of others away from self-interest and toward something magnificent.

Your strength will lie in balancing the many different areas of your life and making them jive together. Seize an excellent opportunity in March and turn it into a moneymaker. A mentor will point the way. July brings romance and travel. Pisces and Sagittarius adore you. Your lucky numbers are: 9, 12, 3, 25 and Today's Horoscope - Burlington Free Press. The following events occurred in April Contents. Japanese submarine I was sunk east of Truk by a U.

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