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You love to be home, for Cancer likes to take care of all his or her loved ones to make sure they are well, happy, and cared for tenderly. You would benefit from being in a new setting, relishing dining out, and enjoying the scenery that Mother Nature created as she prepares to change seasons.

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You will love September, as it is a peach of a month, lovely in so many ways. As you enter the month, the magnificent new moon had just appeared at the end of August in Virgo at seven degrees and will strongly influence the first ten days of September.

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This lovely new moon, dressed in a cloud of white tulle with white flowers adorning her hair and wearing formal long white gloves, entered at the arm of her partner, the dignified Sun, also dressed to the nines, on August The little planets invited to the party—intelligent Mercury, macho Mars, and beautiful Venus—were already in their places, dressed up, and ready to greet the graceful moon and celebrate the opening of the portal of opportunity that only she can unlock.

That portal will have you concentrating on projects oriented around communication—writing, editing, speaking, teaching, researching, publicity, marketing, or sales.

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There is a good chance you will take a short trip, and if so, it will be fantastic. It might come as a surprise from a friend, as Uranus will be sending its strongest golden beams from your eleventh house of friendship to your travel sector. This suggests a friend may invite you to come, and you will be so glad to do so.

The sun-Uranus opposition on the twenty-eighth could bring stress and tension to a relationship that already has its share of problems, or it could cause you to be nervous around someone new. If unexpected news brings a sense of dread instead of excitement, wait a while before you react publicly.

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There is definitely a great story-telling ability here whether it be in song, film or writing. In relationships, this might also mean the telling of a lot of little white lies! Of course, this is a hugely romantic position, but it can also get completely hysterical when their rose-tinted affair shatters. Love is one big fairytale for them, but the native wilfully ignores that in all the best stories lurks a big bad wolf.

However, these folk find that dark, Pollux side of love irresistible and can help but be drawn down the most gnarled and twisted path in the spookiest forest they can find.

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A lifestyle which is a journey through the hills and valleys of polarities. Having to learn to live with polarities, juggling two lifestyles. To be able to feel or communicate the deeps of humans emotions. These folk are tres-sophisticated and have very refined tastes. Therefore they really need to be in the high-income bracket in order to afford the luxuries they so crave. Cancer 3 rising will need to marry well since the life of a bohemian artist is not usually conducive to megabucks.

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