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The others dove into the cross-country ride with little to no experience. In the beginning it was deinitely rough. They have a website, a blog with regular posts including videos, a Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram account and a page for donations on gofundme. Department of State. Holmes — killed Sunday when he was struck by a train near his Germantown home — was unpretentious and friendly yet.

His unusual talents made him one of the most honored and in-demand ilm-andvideo producers in the region, with a client roster that included FedEx, King Cotton, International Paper and CBS Sports. As a studio owner for 30 years, Mr. Holmes, 59, was a beloved. It was his third video production facility, following 35 Park, a studio built inside the old Park movie theater near the southeast corner of Park.

According to Germantown police, Mr. Holmes was struck and killed by a westbound train while he was jogging on railroad tracks near Southern. Holmes did not respond, apparently because he was wearing. A memorial service will be p. Saturday at Germantown Presbyterian Church, with a reception to follow. In a work session July 9, the Germantown Municipal School Board outlined a basic dress code and discussed whether suspended teachers should receive pay. The board also made minor revisions to already passed policies, such having two ire drills in the irst 30 days of school instead of the irst The dress code at all ive schools will remain the same as what each school had with Shelby County Schools last year, including a stricter dress policy at Farmington Elementary.

Jason Manuel said the most common issue in the last few years has been girls wearing leggings as outerwear. Board member Mark Dely said the issue is one that can be developed with the input of the community. The basic policy will be up for a vote Monday. Director of operations Joshua Cathey said the Shelby County policy was often vague, especially when it came to hair color.

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The basic policy separates elementary students from middle and high school students, but all are prohibited from wearing athletic shorts, hats, midrifs, or overly short dresses, skirts or shorts. On whether to pay teachers who are suspended, the board discussed seeking an oicial legal opinion from the district attorney, but considered an option to let the superintendent have discretion about whether pay is warranted. If an employee is cleared of any wrong doing, he or she would receive back pay.

The board also debated whether to limit the amount of money an individual student could spend on a gift for a teacher to eliminate the possibility a teacher would feel inluenced by an expensive gift. Therapy animals quietly ofer comfort to patients By Jennifer Pignolet pignolet commercialappeal. Not even your average therapy animal that visits hospitals. But the reaction from patients when they see the Sicilian miniature donkey is unparalleled, her owner says. Taylor and Nestle are part of Mid South Therapy Dogs and Friends, whose members visit patients in several hospitals in the region.

A small crowd collected around Nestle and two dogs outside the maternity center at the Germantown hospital. Keith Payne, of Memphis, was at the hospital overnight while his wife waits to give birth, and. He had a lot of questions for Taylor about donkeys, horses and even zebras. Memphis resident Lenzell Clark, 9, and his sister Laila Jones, 2, stopped to pet the donkey as they passed the area.

Courteau slips his dog Lucy, a treat after she sits for him, while he learns how to work with her during training. Participating shelters are tasked with increasing adoptions by at least more than the same three-month period during the previous year and getting their communities involved.

The reduced adoption fee applies to approved adopters only who have completed an adoption application and passed all screening processes. Courteau is a decorated year-old Marine from Pennsylvania who served two terms in Afghanistan and is being treated for post-traumatic stress disorder. Doctors believe a therapy dog would help him, so he enlisted Lucy, a black Lab pup trained in Somerville in Fayette County. Courteau was surprised last Thursday when his family brought him to Duck Hill Kennels in Somerville to meet his new companion, Lucy.

Trainer Sarah Garner introduced Courteau to Lucy. Courteau has experienced his share of surprises. As you can imagine, some of them were bad.

But the one he received Thursday, a week-old black Lab puppy named Lucy, was a good one — and she just might be able to help Courteau put some of the bad behind him. Like many war veterans, Courteau sufers from post-traumatic stress disorder. His doctor back home believes a therapy dog could aid greatly in his recovery, and young Lucy will now take on the role. I was overwhelmed when I found out I was getting this dog. One of the irst things people see when they drive up to his kennel is a military-style obstacle course with rope bridges, rock piles and other distractions young dogs must navigate before receiving their food.

Many of the dogs raised and trained at DuckHill Kennels will someday serve active military duty overseas or work in bomb and. So in some ways, the petite young pup Courteau received Thursday is almost like a fellow soldier. When I irst picked her up, she just laid back in my arms, gentle as can be. But according to the National Institute of Mental Health, symptoms of PTSD can sometimes include crippling lashbacks, nightmares, insomnia, frightening thoughts and avoidance of anyone or anything that might trigger the symptoms.

So how can Lucy help? Description: Emerson is very well-mannered. The Germantown Animal Shelter, Southern, is open 10 a. Monday through Friday and a. This is the second consecutive year TSC has been awarded the grant as the youngest organization of the 40 theatres selected. These awards mark the 12th consecutive year of Shakespeare in American Communities, a national program managed by Arts Midwest in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts. The program introduces middle and high school students to the power of live theatre and the masterpieces of William Shakespeare.

A full list of recipients may be found at shakespeareinamericancommunities. TSC is being awarded the matching grant again this year to continue its life-changing, grade-raising Romeo and Juliet Project at Bartlett, Washington, Carver, Kirby and Ridgeway high schools. The project, designed and managed by TSC education director Stephanie Shine, will visit the entire ninth-grade classes in all. The production will highlight the pivotal decisions made in the play by both children and adults that lead to the deaths of ive extraordinary teenagers — decisions that Mem-.

The students are further challenged to see themselves. Last season, the The Romeo and Juliet Project was immersed in four schools with an additional 19 schools participating in the full production of the play and talk-back. Nearly student activities were achieved through the Project last season, exceeding 6, student interactions. This year, the production of Romeo and Juliet will play inside each participating school, and it also will be available for booking by all schools in Shelby County.

The event is free and open to the public and ties in with the 12th Annual Germantown Sidewalk Sale. Family Fun Day activities at the bank will include a bounce house for kids, games, balloon ani-. This day is designed to give everyone in the family a fun opportunity to get active and play together. For additional information, please contact Jeanne Hamilton at Open Monday — Saturday. KeYanna Roddy plays with her son, Byron, in St. Physical, emotional KeYanna Roddy relies on donated diapers from a help agency as well as family and friends for her son, Byron in St.

They are the irst line of defense against infection and disease — and are even linked to preventing depression and violence. Desperate people will sometimes steal to get them.

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No, this is not a story about illicit pills or drug abuse. Nurses with the organization see the diaper need irsthand with their clients but can ofer minimal help. To provide diapers for their poor clients, Ohlemiller said, the organization would need 8, to 10, diapers a day. But the agency can supply only about. One of its clients, Catalina Martinez, of Overland, Missouri, said she was unable to work after having her second child. The study determined that as many as 30 percent of poor parents in New Haven, Connecticut, struggled to aford diapers for their infants.

It further linked diaper need as a factor causing maternal depression, which can also lead to poor outcomes for children. Louisarea child abuse prevention agency. Crisis Nursery workers sometimes go door-to-door in poor neighborhoods asking peo-. The answer is almost always the same: diapers and formula.

As a result, some food pantries are inundated with requests for disposable diapers. Families will take what they can get, she said.

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According to the National Diaper Bank Network in Connecticut, about established diaper banks operate nationwide. Happy Bottoms in Kansas City, Missouri, for example, has distributed more than 1. Jessica Adams, a social worker, said she has iled the c paperwork for the St. Louis Area Diaper Bank and hopes to begin taking donations and making partnerships with agencies soon.

She will say things to me that I actually ind myself tongue-tied on how or what to say to correct her. What do you think about 10 minutes of time out for this sort of thing? Also, on a recent vacation with another family in which there are two other girls around the same age, my daughter became very competitive.

Is this normal for this age? That may be true today, but sassiness was far from the norm two-plus generations ago. Furthermore, there are still a considerable number of kids this age who are very respectful of adults. It is certainly true that television and electronics in general have altered the behavior of children. After all, this sassy manner of addressing and responding to adults is almost always followed by the laugh track. This is one of several reasons why I am completely opposed to allowing young children any exposure to television outside of educational programs.

But even without the toxicity of supposedly family fare on television, young kids often pick up sassiness from friends. When she was 8, my daughter had a friend in the neighborhood who talked to her mother like she was a servant or a peer. When this happened — and without giving her a warning — we would conine Amy to her room for the rest of the day. That curtailed her loose tongue rather quickly. I seriously doubt that 10 minutes of time out is going to do the trick. If you want this to stop, and you certainly should, then you need to make an impression on your daughter.

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Kids work these sorts of things out among themselves. Beach ofers time for talk and dreams away from hectic life As mandated by my membership in Club Memphis, I loaded up the van and drove to the panhandle of Florida for a week this summer. This year, it was unbearably the latter. For me, the vacation begins in that van. Where the kids used to complain and whine, they now sit still, mostly silent and mesmerized by the glow of the screen on their hand-held devices.

With the kids strapped in and unable to move about the cabin, and with my only responsibility, great as it is, to deliver them all safely to the beaches of South Walton County, it frees my mind to wander. For 11 hours I was able to dwell within my own thoughts.

Well, 10 hours. Do they know that I spent hours on the road as a kid wishing for just such a device? My sisters and I dreamed of a day in the future — far in the future, the 21st century — when we might be able to watch our favorite television programs as the distance dwindled. Instead, we read books and doodled, stared out the windows and napped. And we argued, which is the one holdover of childhood from the. Once we hit the emerald green waters and sugar white sand of Blue Mountain Beach, we gave ourselves over to relaxation and socialization.

Attention turned to family as my sister, her husband and their kids arrived to join us. We bobbed in those waters as a family out beyond the second sandbar, the current carrying us lazily to the east and the sun dazzling our eyes. The kids asked questions and we answered honestly and openly as our feet grazed the sandy loor below. This is what vacation is all about. Those moments are worth the hectic days throughout. Those saltwater conversations are worth every minute of the very long drive.

Disney ilms on the go, and the water. Richard J. Alley is the father of two boys and two girls. Read more from him at richardalley. This summer, Briarcrest had more than 30 students and faculty travel to Ecuador on two diferent shortterm mission trips.

The students participated in construction projects to help expand the school in the jungle and host a vacation Bible school and sports camp for area children. These short-term mission trips are part of our ongoing partnership with Jungle Kids for Christ. The relationship between Briarcrest and JKC has strengthened in recent years. The school supports the organization in several ways including student sponsorships, providing school uniforms and sending short-term teams.

Briarcrest students had to get their hands dirty as they helped expand one of the schools in the Ecuador jungle. The students and faculty hope that many more teachers and students will join fu-. This year, Madeline Peterson was chosen because she had 4. She is planning to attend University of Alabama. During the meeting, Peterson and her mother, Joyce, met with scholarship committee chairwoman Carole Hinely. The team finished second in the state and made it into the top 16 at nationals. She has been teaching at Germantown High School for the past 13 years where she is the assistant English department chairman and currently sponsors the school newspaper.

She is married to David Douglas and has three children. Richard Li finished first in the state and first in the nation in math. Bertram is a junior at Collierville High School, where he plays irst viola in the honors orchestra, tutors and belongs to the Spanish club. He is the son of Cathy and Shana. After high school, he plans to pursue a degree in computer engineering. Lori Shull is with the oice of communications and marketing for Tennessee Tech University.

Get your digital subscription. Open golf tournament. More than 50 youth, ranging in ages between 6 and 17 competed in the event.

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Gupta, who has been playing for about a year, finished with a 23 on four holes winning the age bracket. He caught bream, catfish and bass. More than 70 middle schoolers attended the Houston High School volleyball camp July , led by coach Becky Pendleton and players from the HHS varsity and junior varsity teams. For tryout information and to preregister, visit hhsvolleyball. Davis Irving, a Germantown resident and student at St. Davis shot a The team beat the Oklahoma Rattlers in the championship game.

Cotter was a four-time All-Conference cross country performer and helped the Mocs to a runner-up finish this season, placing fifth overall. In track, he was a three time all-conference performer and a two-time champion. In his junior year at the league championships, Cotter set a school record in the 3, meter run and as a sophomore ran the anchor leg of the SoCon Championship Distance Medley Relay team. Cryptoquip Tonight: So at the dealership. FeaturesIfcrossword is 60 minutes. Tonight: Nap, then than your of thesolution way to make Theshare average time for this King Features crossword is 60 minutes.

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The to difficulty Hint: Better than 1. It will serve you well to Peggy McKenzie, mckenziep commercialappeal. Become fan of thethese M section on Facebook at facebook. Sudoku increases fromhonor. Send snapshots of family gatherings, community events, out-of-town adventures and more to share in the Weekly. Please include first and last names of everyone pictured and all the pertinent details. Then, to round out this Mutable Personal Air episode, we are graced with reflection of the great folk-singing oracle, Double Gemini, Jewel!

One of my childhood favorites! I hope you enjoy New Moon Blessings! Starts June 10 Sign-up for Newsletter. It is a truly spectacular interview. We laughed our asses off! So stay tuned to the last portion of this episode for Lindsay Mack. This week on the show, enjoy an in-depth current transits meditation that will connect you to seven planets and the seven chakra centers. It must be Aries season, because episode is getting uploaded early!! On this Episode we talk about Aries connection to the Tower card in the tarot.

Then, enjoy an ancestral healing meditation for embodied health inspired by the Aries New Moon. On this episode, we explore Aries themes and connect to the part of the body Aries rules over, the head. And oh my goddess they are all full on activist pioneers! Then, we have the incredible Heidi Rose Robbins on the show today. Heidi is an esoteric astrologer based in Los Angeles. Heidi has supported many men and women through life transitions as an esoteric astrologer and as the leader of Radiant Life retreats, in which she teaches women how to live fuller, more expressive and courageously loving lives.

We have an incredibly deep felt episode for your this week. Deep well of empathy processes the emotions of the collectiveConnection to Magical Otherworlds elicits fantasy and imaginationTurns heartache into devotional prayer for peacePoetically flows with Cosmic MysteryLoving-kindness and compassion releases the bind of karmic imprisonment. IG: Mystical Mandrake Root email: mysticalmandrakeroot gmail.

On this episode of Cosmic Cousins we dive in deep to the Piscean Waters. We cover near death experiences, shutting off sensitivity as a child, imaginary friends, maiden-mother-crone, angelic visions, surrender and relaxing into the flow, escapism, self-sabotaging, how to align both the Queen of Cups and Page of Cups sides of Pisces and loneliness.

Hope you enjoy! Big Pieces Love to you all! This week on the show we talk about Mercury Retrograde and how that is a complimentary energy to Pisces Season. Then, enjoy a meditation for embodied health the Pisces New Moon. Vincent Millay, and Lupita Nyongo. Hey cosmic cousins! Welcome back to another week of the show. I was under the weather last week and couldn't publish an episode. On this week's episode, we start off with a guided meditation for embodied health that honors the energy of Pisces!

And finally, we have our first every Aquarius Panel, which features L. And Stockholm based Samuel Draper samuel. This week on the show, enjoy a meditation that explores the polarity between Aquarius and Leo and is focused on the theme of love. We also talk about intercepted signs in your birth chart! And much, much more! Please leave some comments and love! It would be so nice to hear from you, it's my birthday week, after-all!! First enjoy a meditation for embodied health. In this meditation, we talk about Aquarius's connection to joints and the ankle, as well as holding space for feeling as connected to friendship and humanity at large.

Aquarius is really a fascinating sign when it comes to planetary rulership, because it is co-ruled by two planets. Saturn, the planet of authority and commitment, and Uranus the planet of revolution and change. And we will look to both of their charts to see how Uranus and Saturn are activating. And we also have an incredible high-vibe Aquarius on the show today, Erin Smith of Vardo Tarot , who with a flash of inspiration conceptualized a tarot sanctuary on wheels, which is a tarot van that travels around to different areas in Los Angeles, California. In our conversation, we talk the Star card in the tarot and its connection to Aquarius, as well as the King of Swords, and the Ace of Swords.

We also talk about the Queen of the Zodiac of course, and she also shares that Aquarius is most likely to go to a Libra for advice, to find out why tune into the end of the show. We talk about Aquarius's connection to the nervous system, to technology. admin