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Featured Decorations. Featured Products. Featured Birthdays. Featured Occasions. Featured Clearance Promotions. This cake does take a lot of time, but is not at all hard to do. If your first one fails, as mine did also, just take a look at what went wrong, make a few adjustments and try again! Hope this helps! For anyone who wants to know, you can use cake mix to make this cake. I'm doing a cake for my son's 2nd bday. I used Duncan Hines cake mix 4 boxes to save some time since I will also be doing the rainbow melt on the cake.

I put my 2's in the freezer overnight to make sure they were extra firm and I used a pastry bag to pipe the batter in and my numbers didn't shift and they did not float to the top while baking like other posts have said happened to them. This is a time consuming cake and I recommend you give yourself plenty of time to make. My cake came out awesome so far I will post a pic soon. This may be a daft question, but what temperature do you bake it at please?

Thanks for the tips, iouone!

So sorry to hear the cake didn't work out as you had hoped! This can be a tricky one! Please make sure this recipe specifies that you MUST use pound cake! I made it with homemade white cake for the numbers so they would be vibrant. I then made 2 batches of homemade vanilla cake after I froze my numbers. The numbers floated to the top, fell sideways, then basically baked out of the pan as the cake baked. I wasted an entire cake because only the first 2 inches of the cake had any color in it.

I will make cake pops out of the wasted cake, but this was very disappointing. Glad it wasn't for a customer! It's for my niece! I attempted to make the cake out of a normal loaf pan, and it failed. But the two's floated upwards, and the whole cake cracked. I froze the numbers, and piped the batter I couldn't find the pound cake mix here in Canada anywhere and I didn't have time to make a homemade recipe, so I used regular mix.

It completely fell apart! Trying again tomorrow for a 21st birthday with actual pound cake, hoping it works out! Thanks for posting this, I'm really excited about it :. I was curious what size the number 5 cookie cutter is. I am making a "5" cake for my son's birthday. I have the loaf pan, but wasn't sure how big the 5 is.

I'll defer to hungryhappenings in case there is a special fondant applying technique, but I'm guessing there's a bit of trial and error to the whole thing! Hope it works out! As for pan size, you can modify, but you'll want to pay special attention to any modifications you might have to make to the ingredient ratios! I made the cake making the cake batter from scratch. It worked really well but the freezing of the numbers was definitely a very necessary part.

I was also doing 73 in the cake so as some other people have mentioned, I turned the numbers upside down in order to get them to be stable. My question is about the fondant icing. Mine ended up being a bit over mixed so some parts were muddy where as yours looks quite sharp. Is there a skill to doing the tie dye? I am in the process of making this for a 30th birthday.

The problem I have is that there is no cake mixture in the middle of the zero!

Number 7 Birthday Cake

Help please!!!! Everyone has such wonderful tweaks for this recipe!!! Keep em' coming! We love seeing your ideas!

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I was worried about the cake tasting plain too so I added fresh squeezed lemon juice and lemon zest to the cake batters as well as the frosting. It was very tasty. Another thing, I found is that mine didn't require as long to bake, so watch that it doesn't overbake and get dry. We served it with ice cream and it was perfect! I made it this weekend and it turned out so cute!!

I wish I could upload a picture to show my granddaughter's surprised face!

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I used the number eight. I tried to fill the holes but was worried about not having enough batter to cover the cake. As it turns out , the eights in the center of the cake were hollow, but it was still adorable and no one even noticed but me. Since we do not like the taste of fondant, I made a buttercream frosting and tinted it to match the rainbow colors. I have to say the colors of the cake were so vibrant and beautiful. I saved the scraps and will use them to make cake pops. This was a huge hit and I will do it again. Thanks so much for sharing this fun idea!!

I made this cake with a star cookie cutter for a co-workers birthday and it turned out great! The possibilities are endless!

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May try chocolate pound cake for the next one! Since the brand of food coloring was not specified, I'm guessing you can use any type you wish. If I'm wrong about that, I'll be sure to let you know!!!

You should be able to fill in the holes of an eight just by pouring the cake it should fill all crevices. You should be able to do double digits. Here's a bit more info from from Hungry Happenings that might be helpful! It's about the number 5, but I think it covers similar ground. Having the numbers really frozen would help keep them rigid, and having an extra set of hands to hold them in place would be helpful. My 5's really didn't move very much, so I didn't have any issues, but can understand how some numbers will be more challenging to put inside a cake.

Would you be able to use double digits? And would you be able to do camo?? Hello, I really want to make this cake for my daughter's 6th b'day and tried to make the first coloured cake for the numbers, but the colours did not come out at all. I did not use neon food colouring but normal food colouring went for green, pink, yellow, blue and purple. What is the brand of the neon food colouring and do you know if we can get it in the UK?

Let us know if you find any suitable substitutions, lana! I'm sure folks will want to hear about them! Let us know how it goes! Sorry, I meant to say pound cake, don't know where angel food cake came from. I really want to make this cake for my daughter's 2nd birthday. You recommend using angel food cake. My problem is she is allergic to dairy, eggs, and tree nuts. Any suggestions? I made the cake and everyone loved it! I made one with all pound cake, and one with pound cake 7s and chocolate cake around it.

The 7s were still bright but the choc cake didn't hold the numbers up well. As another person suggested, I put them in upside down but they only shifted slightly so it wasn't a big deal. I wish I could post pics! Thanks for the awesome idea!! What is the size of the cookie cutter you use? And what is the size of the peace sign cookie cutter? Just be careful moving the cake, as it wont be as sturdy as a pound cake. If it feels too soft, then freeze the cake so it's easier to work with.

Also, I would recommend placing the 7's in the pan upside down instead of right side up, then turning the cake over before frosting. It will be much easier to line them up in the pan that way. Have fun! I am making this cake for my daughter's 7th birthday. I want to use pound cake for the numbers, but since it's for kids I'm hesitant to use it for the whole cake. I would love to use chocolate cake around the numbers but again I'm scared to because not only the density but also the color. The greatest instruction ever. Thanks for the tie dye cake visuals Pati the Potter.

Glad to hear that the cake was a hit!!! I don't know how either, and I work here. I made this cake a few weeks ago for my niece's 5th birthday. I altered the pan size to fit what I had in my kitchen. It didn't turn out as perfectly as the picture you posted, but everyone at the party was so impressed! I don't know how to post a picture. Shelley, I want to try this one when I get a chance The fondant is an issue You need two full cake mixes to make the numbers because if you only used one, then the cake wouldn't be tall enough to cut your numbers.

The other two cake batters are needed in order to fill the very large loaf pan, covering the numbers. As I've mentioned in a few of the comments, you could make a smaller cake, but you'll need to use a smaller cookie cutter. If you use a regular size 9 inch loaf pan, then you can just use two cake mixes, one to create the numbers and one for the final cake. The numbers, surprisingly taste exactly the same as the rest of the cake, even though it is baked twice.

I wouldn't mess with the ingredients. I made this cake using only pound cake. I would suggest doing the same, unless you really want to experiment with using different cakes. I don't know how that will turn out, though. If you don't like plain pound cake you can jazz it up by adding a tablespoon of lemon zest and swapping out 2 tablespoons of lemon juice for 2 tablespoons of the milk in the recipe per cake mix.

It tastes great. I see an important question wasn't answered yet! It seems as though you are using FOUR cake batters. I also see you suggest using pound cake due to the density of it. Are FOUR batters really used? Has anyone tried the pound cake for the numbers but regular batter for the outer cake? Someone also suggested putting a little extra oil into the Number recipe to keep it moist, since it's baked twice!

Any answers and suggestions graciously accepted! Awesome cake! As I mentioned in the tutorial it is important to pipe in the batter on both sides of the numbers, making sure they stand up straight. A 5 was probably a bit easier to keep upright than a 7. The pound cake is really dense, it doesn't rise like a regular white cake, so this should not be an issue.

Number 7 cake

If you look at the picture of the cake, you'll notice that the 5 is really close to the bottom of the cake. It didn't float up to the top. The pan that was used for this cake was tall enough to cover a 3 inch number. Are you using the type of pan you bake a loaf of bread in? I don't think regular loaf pans will hold this much. Meh it worked, but it was way too much work and didn't taste that great Do you really need to make 4 cakes? Why not 1 box for 1 tie-dye cake and 1 box for the white part? Does it normally take 2 boxes of pound cake to fill one loaf pan?

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Hi I'm not an experience baker at all however I really want to attempt this cake for daughter's 8th birthday. I'm a bit concerned when I fill the two circles of the number 8 with the second batch of cake mix and then bake the final cake, disaster may happen as the cake rises within the circles. Is the number 8 actually gonna work? Hi, I want to use a vanilla cake instead of a pound cake in a square tin.

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