Electional astrology new moon

This is the planet representing any significant person or matter in the election chart. A retrograde condition is weak and may not function well. The quality of the signs on the angles should favor the election chart. Cardinal signs support quick action and taking the initiative.


Fixed signs support endurance. They are particularly desirable for long-term commitments, such as marriage, or for projects where longevity is vital. Mutable signs encourage change, and are helpful when flexibility is needed. The Part of Fortune is considered favorable, especially if placed in the house ruling the matter of the election.

It is also helpful when conjunct the ascendant. It acts like a benefic planet and can play a significant role. It is however, not well placed in the eighth or twelfth house, unless your election pertains to one of those houses. In either house it is considered the part of misfortune. The mutual reception of two planets enables the respective planets to change signs, and therefore change positions. The two planets in mutual reception cooperate with one another, and this lends flexibility and versatility to the matter at hand. It is similar to a conjunction in that the two planets work together as one.

An angle or planet in critical degree operates at a disadvantage. The person or matter represented is either premature or too late, respectively. The malefic degrees should also be avoided. The person or matter represented by a planet in one of these degrees is unstable. The natal chart of the individual plays a key role in the success of an election. The birth chart will affirm whether the goal is realistic. We also examine the current planetary cycles for confirmation that the election is attainable.

They will help us determine whether the overall timing is favorable. In particular, we are most interested in the Saturn cycle. If Saturn is making difficult aspects to the Sun, for instance, it can be quite difficult to succeed with business matters. It is certainly easier to have success with electional astrology if the current cycles agree with the intent of the election. However, an election chart does stand on its own, and should always reflect the best time to support the desired outcome. Joann Hampar is a horary-electional astrologer practicing in New York City.

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Electional Astrology: How to Find Auspicious Dates and Times

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What is Electional Astrology?

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Electional Charts - Good Vibe Astrology with Kim Falconer

Learn the Language of Tarot. Encyclopedia Home. Encyclopedia Articles. Base Chakra. Hologram An image wherein any fragment of the whole contains all essential elements of the whole, but to a lesser degree. Modern theorists, noting the holographic quality of DNA i. Report In astrology, a report is the name given to an interpretation of a birth chart.

Llewellyn offers many such reports; click here to view them. Reports are also called delineations or in Astro Update Monthly newsletter featuring informative astrology articles, useful tips, how new releases, and special sales offers. Others felt this was improper, and in the event that a person did not have a natal chart one could root to a mundane cycle to get a similar — albeit less personal and powerful — effect. Rooting is as simple to execute as it is to understand. An astrologer simply lists powerful points in a natal chart like the degree of the Ascendant, the Moon, Sun, Lord of the First house, or any places that may be significant to the matter the election chart is for.

The midheaven degree and Lord of the Tenth house may be considered in an election for applying for a promotion, for example.

Then, these degrees are worked into similarly important places in the election chart itself. The chart to the side will serve as our example natal chart to show the process of rooting. At this point it becomes important to identify the key points. These degrees will become the focal point in the election as we seek to weave them into that chart to help connect the election's beginning with the birth of the person who will undergo the event the election represents.

The above is a bi-wheel chart comparing the natal chart the inner wheel with a proposed election chart on the outside wheel. This assists in illustrating how two charts can reflect one another in meaningful ways. Notice that the Midheaven degree of the outer wheel the election is conjunct the natal Ascendant and Jupiter.

Similarly, the election's Ascendant degree is conjunct the natal Sun. The Moon in the electional chart trines the natal Moon position and Jupiter who is the ruler of the first house in both the election and the natal chart trines its natal position in the election. Rooting is still an option for individuals who do not have a birth chart and the focus is still the same. However, what the astrologer seeks to connect to is a mundane cycle of some kind. These can be seasonal ingress charts or lunation charts.

The idea is to connect with the flow of nature by tapping into symbols present at important times of seasonal or lunar cycles.