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This is in contrast to the Hindu philosophy, where killing a snake brings bad luck. One of the most famous symbols is the image of the Virgin Mary with her foot on the head of a snake- an indication of her conquering her desires. Just like Christianity, snakes are considered evil in Islam. The infamous Muslim dream interpreter Ibn Seerin often regarded snakes as enemies.

On the other hand, if a snake is swallowing someone means wealth and power awaits them. Here, snake-skin is often considered a symbol of riches. If a snake is speaking to you in a dream and the tone is harsh, you are likely to suffer at the hands of your enemies. Similarly, a lot of other snake symbolism includes enemies, warning, and negativity. Dreams, for Greeks, bring in warnings and good tidings, dangers, and friends. In Greek mythology, the earliest symbol of snake is that of Hermes who is depicted as a staff with two snakes intertwined around it the symbol of modern-day medicine.

A similar image belongs to Asclepius, the Greek God of medicine. Dreaming of snakes can mean healing. Dreaming of capturing a snake can say that one will become victorious in life- a concept derived from the tales of a young Hercules conquering a snake. Snakes also form the part of the harmful tradition of the Greeks. Medusa is often depicted with snakes instead of hair and can kill anyone with her stone-cold eyes. If we take this into account, snakes can mean a warning of death. The Greeks consider Medusa symbolic of feminine wisdom.

Dreaming of snakes can also mean that you will gain a lot of knowledge. Other than that, most of the dreams are viewer specific. Clytemnestra had a dream that she was breastfeeding a snake- a rather powerful image. Egyptians Goddesses are often portrayed as wearing crowns fitted with a cobra head. This relates directly to the patron of Egypt- Wadjet. She is the protector of all and is shown as having a cobra head or with a cobra by her side. Dreams about a snake, in this regard, are considered very positive- a symbol of eternal wisdom, immortality, and vision.

As for the Romans, their guardian spirits or genius loci have always been depicted as snakes. Dreaming of them means someone otherworldly protects you or will protect you. This becomes a kind of hope and assurance. Chinese do not have the same negative connotations of snakes as a lot of other cultures do. For them, snakes represent mysterious but wise creatures- a fact reiterated in Chinese Astrology. Snakes are creatures with healing properties.

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They bring with them ancient primordial wisdom. According to the book, if a woman sees herself holding a snake, she may get pregnant soon. Dreaming of a pair of snakes means an individual will become independent from his family. A battle between a snake and cat is seen as a sign of all disasters disappearing. And the most common symbol- the snake turning into a dragon- indicates that great things will happen to you. Dragons hold a special place in Chinese culture. They bring wealth, prosperity, power, and good luck.

If you are looking for a personalised solution Talk To Astrologer Now! Source: www. Are you feeling lost or sad or meaningless or hopeless, or all of them? Almost everyone experiences something like this at least once in their lifetime. You are going through something known as the Dark Night of the Soul. During a spiritual journey, it is common for people to go through this. The dark night can last for a week or twenty years. However long it lasts, the whole purpose of this is to help you reach your spiritual destination- a union with God.

This event is like a curtain on your soul. It is one of the darkest periods of life anyone can go through. Here, you suffer an existential crisis. However, all this happens only to bring you to light. It makes you compassionate and kind and humble and thankful for the things you have. The dark night is an age-old Roman Catholic concept, which they referred to as spiritual dryness. For Catholics, this phase is a kind of spiritual crisis which is meant to make you stronger. And it is when you are strong enough that you can continue your journey towards attaining God. One of the most common examples everyone refers to is St.

Her diaries explicitly state that she felt empty and worthless. She went through the phase from to almost until she died The other best-documented case is that of the 16th-century Spanish mystic, St. John of the Cross. His poem is what gave us the name Dark Night of the Soul. In his poem, he talks about the journey of the soul towards a magical reunion with God. He calls the dark night a necessity if one is on the path to Divine Union. And for this journey, he mentions two phases- purification of senses and cleaning of the soul.

One of the most common signs that you are experiencing a dark night is a loss of reality. You feel lost and feel like everything you have ever lived for is baseless. You feel unworthy of all kinds of positivity in life. You feel utterly hopeless; all these feelings make you doubt your entire existence.

You begin questioning everything in life. The deeper you go into the darkness, the more lost you get. The willingness to live is gone. Most of these are symptoms of depression as well, but when the feelings have no base whatsoever to them, you know it is more philosophical than psychological. The major one is the fact that a person needs to know what night feels like for them to believe in the light.

It is the same formula that works for artists- feeling the pain makes them value all the other emotions. A dark night is required to make you want the good things in life. Your vision of a perfect world can exist only when you know the imperfect. Basically, how can you wake up if you never experience the night? For someone who knew no pain, the world was beautiful. But when he did feel and realize the tragedies of life, things changed- Buddha became disillusioned and questioned everything that ever existed.

Once he metabolized all the pain, his life transformed entirely. Dark Night of the Soul does that to you. Another reason why the dark night occurs is for us to realize our actual reality. When you are on your spiritual path, you start realizing that there is a reality beyond the physical form. You experience the mighty awareness that our identity- our physical self, our worth, our desires- is baseless and this requires one major blow in life.

Nothing of what we know and work for is permanent. This realization leads us to question our self-worth. This new reality is nothing like anything we know. It is scary. You feel like you have woken up from a dream only to enter a darker one.

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And because we know zero about the new reality, we are afraid of it. The fear of the unknown makes us go through a lot of negative feelings- guilt, shame, unworthy of love. As per Indian Vedic Astrology , the dark night is a period caused by the negative impact of Saturn Shani. Because Saturn is cold, heavy, and moody, you feel the same way. During your dark night, you go through all kinds of negative experiences. The Saturn period cleanses the body of all emotional and physical pains. At the end of it, you would have suffered the consequences of your karma and will be ready to start a brand-new life.

The best part about this is that Saturn is associated with artistic genius and wisdom. You will suffer a lot but will come out wiser. Want to find out more about Shani in your horoscope? Talk to an Astrologer Now! Yes, the dark night will make you go through hell. But, in the end, you will come out as a better person. To make the transition smooth, one must realize that whatever they are going through is normal. They must embrace the darkness. They should accept all the negative emotions within them. Enduring them is the only way to move on.

You will face one major drawback in your life before you start questioning the base of all reality. It can be an abuse like Maya Angelou and Oprah or a war Abraham Lincoln or anything strong enough to shake you internally. You need to live through it and respect those feelings. Negating your darker feelings will only push you farther in the hole. To come out, you need to accept them and grow from them.

Have courage and be kind, and most importantly, love yourselves. Choose love over hate and see the magic. When you begin to do that, things will get brighter. You will realize that even though you are alone, you are never really lonely- you are a part of something greater. You will have a newfound appreciation for life, along with a new purpose. You will want to be independent and will disregard all the social constructs- a concept coined as anomie by Emile Durkheim. But the best of all, you will break and pull yourselves together. And that is the greatest strength anyone can have.

Till a few centuries back, people were unaware of the happenings even in that part of space which is close to our planet Earth. Space is full of mysteries. However, now we know many things around Earth or even in much of the solar system. Well, among the most exciting events in the open sky are the Solar and Lunar Eclipses.

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Now, we know so much about these celestial phenomena. We also know that the shadow of Earth blocks the view of the Moon during a lunar eclipse. These are now considered very elementary subjects in advanced Astronomy and Astrophysics. That was not the case in the past. In ancient times, cultures tried to understand why the Sun temporarily disappeared from the sky, so they came up with various reasons for what caused a solar eclipse.

There were many cultures wherein the legends surrounding solar eclipses involved mythical figures consuming or stealing the Sun. Others interpreted the event as a sign of angry or fighting gods. And as for China, people there believed that a celestial dragon thought to lunch on the Sun, causing a solar eclipse. Thus, the Chinese word of an eclipse is chih or shih, which means to eat.

The head of Rahu flies off into the sky and consumes the Sun resulting in an eclipse. Korean mythology has another explanation for solar eclipses. It says that solar eclipses happen because mythical dogs are trying to steal the Sun. Well, people in several cultures traditionally get together to bang pots and pans and make loud noises during a solar eclipse.

It is believed that making a noise terrifies the demon causing the eclipse away. In Mesopotamia, a lunar eclipse was considered a direct attack on the king. As they could predict an eclipse with reasonable accuracy, they would put in place a proxy king for its duration. Someone who could do it would pose as the king, while the real king will hide and wait for the eclipse to pass. The proxy king would then disappear, and the old king is reinstated.

As for the Indian mythology also known as Hindu Astrology , people saw lunar eclipses as the result of the demon Rahu drinking the Amrit elixir of immortality. If he catches them we have an eclipse — Rahu swallows the Moon causing the eclipse. And in Islamic cultures, eclipses were interpreted without superstition.

On the other hand, Christianity has equated lunar eclipses with the wrath of God and often identifies them with the crucifixion of Jesus. Notably, Easter is the first Sunday after the first full Moon of spring, ensuring that an eclipse can never fall on Easter Sunday, a potential mark of Judgement Day. Posts Likes Archive. They keep up the momentum of development and prosperity by fueling innovations and social change. Well, one such large business is of the formidable Adani Group, led by Gautam Adani and his family members.

Hence, there is a possibility of challenges in his life because Venus and Jupiter are enemies of each other. Since the birth date is 24, the number of Moon - 2 and the number of Rahu - 4 together forms the number of Venus - 6. Are you concerned about your wealth issues? Buy the Wealth Ask a Question Report and get the guidance for your pressing problem. However, there is also a strong possibility of success after struggling. Within the date of birth of Gautam Adani, the number of the Moon and Venus comes twice.

While the number of Rahu, Sun and Mars occurs only once. Hence, adventure, struggle and success all these will occur in his life. This increases the probability of dynamic progress in his life. Besides, they are aspecting each other from the kendra. This forms the yog of an industrialist. Further, the panchmesh Venus is in yuva awastha, which is also the vyayesh. This displays progress in foreign related business alliance.

The swagruhi Saturn in yuva awastha makes Gautam Adani work hard. Whereas, Mercury in kumar awastha provides him great insight in business. Moreover, the Sun is also in kumar awastha, which gives him the qualities of self-confidence and business diplomacy up to a large extent. Further, the Sun-Saturn Shadashtak Yog creates complications in government work. But the aspect of Jupiter over the Sun provides security. Hence, success will finally be witnessed after challenges. Besides, the parakramesh Sun is also in the 10th house, and in square with Saturn and Mars. Hence, the current period is likely to cause Gautam Adani unnecessary worries and government complications.

Furthermore, the transiting Saturn is completely aspecting the natal Sun, which causes obstacles in government affairs in the area of activity. Do you want your business to surge? Make use of Free Business Report. The transiting Rahu is passing over the natal Venus and Rahu in his dhan sthan. This indicates stress in financial matters. Whereas, Ketu passing over the natal Saturn and Ketu in the eight house creates obstacles in growth and business difficulties. But, the aspect of transiting Jupiter over the natal Jupiter and dhanesh Moon provides security in business and in the financial sector.

In addition, the aspect of Jupiter on the significator of government and the parakramesh Sun will also be helpful to Gautam Adani in government activities. Besides, from 12th October to 29th March the Jupiter of Scorpio sign will completely aspect Mercury. Whereas, from 29th March to 23rd April the Jupiter of Sagittarius sign will completely aspect the Sun.

Thus, he will find a path to come out of government complications. Hence overall, the year and will finally provide him success after challenges, legal complications and obstacles. Best wishes from Ganesha to achieve progress in all the areas of life. Kamika Ekadashi — Day to attain salvation Kamika Ekadashi festival is dedicated to worshipping Lord Vishnu and is celebrated with great enthusiasm all over by Hindus, all across the country. These are predictions based on SunSign.

Click here. Aries 21st March to 20th April : If you are not in a relationship, you may find an ideal partner during this week and may fall in love with them as well. Your relationship may get stronger during this time. It is advisable for you to be cautious about your seniors during this week. There are no major changes in your health and fitness. You may get issues related to cold, cough, or asthma. If you have a private job, you may get a transfer. If you have a business of manufacturing or garments, this week may prove favorable for you.

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You may require giving money on credit to your relatives during this time. There are many other expenses waiting for you as well. This week may prove favorable for your family and child related matters. Taurus 21st April to 21st May : This week may prove mixed for your love and relationship. If you are in a relationship or have an extramarital affair, you may witness great love during this time.

Your relationship with your friends, brothers, or wife may get some bitterness during this week. You may get issues related to fever, cold, or cough. There are no major complications for your health. For your job and business, this week may prove great. If you are in a private company, you may require going on a business trip.

This week may favor businesses and you may be able to earn good profits. For your finance related matters, this week is all about progress for you. You may buy new furniture this week or would be able to pay off your debts. Gemini 22nd May to 21st June : This week may not prove hopeful for you. You may require thinking twice before initiating anything. This week is likely to bring a lot of happiness and joy for your love and relationship.

You may get a superb and positive response to your proposal. This week may bring some energy for your health and fitness. You may do regular yoga and meditation to stay fit and healthy. For your career, there are chances of some ups and downs. You may get good support from your co-workers. If you are supposed to do any financial transaction, you may have to pay more attention. For your family and child, this week may favor you.

You may help your children in their education. This week is providing you with mixed results for your wealth and property related matters. Cancer 22nd June to 22nd July : This make may favor you for your health and fitness. But during the last few days of this week, you may get issues related to eyes, legs, ears, shoulders, and urine infection. Due to your poor health, your productivity may decrease as well.

The beginning of this week may favor employees. For businessmen, except for two days of this week, the entire week is really positive. You may witness to great income inflows during this time. The first four days of this week may favor your family life. For your wealth and property related matters, the first six days of this week may provide you with great results. Leo 23rd July to 22nd August : The first half of this week may bring positivity for your health, whereas during the rest of the days, you make feel issues related to your stomach, eyes, hands, blood pressure, eyes, shoulder, etc.

Your health may not support you. Except for the first and the last day of this week, employees are likely to get positive times. Employees may find the first two days of this week really favorable. If you want to expand your business, this period may provide you with greatness. During the middle five days of this week, your income is likely to increase. The first six days of this week may bring a lot of happiness for your family. You may find the first four days of this week in your favor for your child related issues.

Virgo 23rd August to 22nd September : The first six days of this week may favor for your health. Your self-esteem may increase, and your productivity would rise as well. Employees may find the first and the last day of this week in their favor. During the first and the last day of this week, you may find it difficult to make important decisions. For businessmen, the first three days of this week may favor greatly. Except for the last day of this week, your financial condition may support you. You may get your money back if given on credit to someone during this time and get financial help as well.

You may witness great happiness and love in your family during the first six days of this week. To read your detailed weekly horoscope, Click here. Libra 23rd September to 22nd October : This week may provide you with mixed results. For your health, there are chances of some complications due to a higher workload. There are chances of some unexpected expenses being incurred during this time, which may impact your financial planning. You may find a great time for your personal life this week. Scorpio 23rd October to 22nd November : You may feel skeptical about your love and relationship this week.

There are chances of some issues between you and your friends, father, or brother. For your health, this week may bring some complications. You may get issues related to your health during this time. If you have cordial relations with senior officers, you can get the advantage of a promotion during this week in your job. Businessmen may be able to expand their business during this week. Your income would be great during this period, and you would be able to purchase anything that you want.

For your family and child related matters, you may not feel that positive. This week may favor you for wealth and property related matters. Sagittarius 23rd November to 21st December : Your health may support you during this week. If you are suffering from diseases, they may get cured and you are likely to feel fresh and energetic.

If you are in sports, you may take part in an international competition. Your professional life may also bring some great productivity and performance during this time. Employees would progress during the first six days of this week. If you are looking for a job, you may get one during this time. Businessmen may also witness great income inflows from foreign deals. For your financial matters, the first and the last days of this week would bring great incomes.

This period may also favor you for your family. Capricorn 22nd December to 20th January : On the last day of this week, you may get some issues related to hand, shoulders, urine infection, and nervous system for your health. During the rest of the days, you may feel positive. For your job, you may require being cautious during the last day. Other than that, businessmen and employees are likely to get progress during this week. It is recommended for you to avoid indulging in any immoral activities in order to avoid consequences.

With time, you may put more efforts to come out of a constraint financial situation. You would start feeling confident and positive. The first and the last day of this week may not favor you for your income and it may get reduced as well. Aquarius 21st January to 18th February : This week may provide you with mixed results for your life. You may feel stress and anxiety during the middle days of this week, and your financial condition may also provide some complications.

Your savings may also get utilized in that during this time. There are chances of some issues between you and your family members, and you may have to take some strict actions during this time to resolve them. Employees are likely to get more workload during this time, and as a result, you may not be able to spend some quality time with your life partner and family members.

If you are looking for a new job, this week would be favorable. Pisces 19th February to 20th March : During the first four days of this week, your health may support you. There are chances of issues related to the chest, heart, stomach, eyes, ears, shoulder, and hands during the rest of the days of this week.

You may go on a trip this week and get success in your work. You are likely to get benefits from your brothers during this period.

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Women may buy new jewelry new during this period. If you have planned to buy a real estate property, you may get success during this week. For your professional life, the first four days of this week may favor you. Employees are likely to get good support from their co-workers and businessmen would be able to give a tough competition to their competitors.

Source : www. What is Cryptocurrency? A birth chart also known as kundli, janma kundali, or horoscope is a map of heaven at the time of birth. Gautam Adani's birth chart will show you Gautam Adani's planetary positions, dasa, rasi chart, and zodiac sign etc. It will also allow you to open Gautam Adani's detailed horoscope in "AstroSage Cloud" for research and analysis.

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