October 26 birthday astrology pisces

Past emotions run high, and they need to make peace with that time in their lives. As parents, they have an almost psychic bond with their children. This closeness continues throughout life and can develop into extremely powerful relationships.

OCTOBER 26 ZODIAC – Ultimate Guide to Birthday Horoscope – ZODIAC

October 26 men and women are disciplined about health matters. They are careful to adhere to strict principles. These people believe in natural exercise, rather than working out at a gym or even at home. People born on this date have a genuine talent for research. They have a solitary nature and like to work behind the scenes, searching out answers. They love learning. October 26 people have a circumspect way of handling money. They save as much as possible, while spending mostly on necessities.

October 26 Birthday Astrology Profile

October 26 men and women are interested in wielding power, though usually from behind the scenes. They will go to great lengths to set out their ideas but aren't surprised to see them rejected. Poised, intense, and secretive, it seems that you don't need anyone around you, even though they're all very interested in you.

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It's hard for you to let others in because you struggle with trusting people. You hate liars and dishonesty, so you feel it's best to distance yourself. However, you're still a highly emotional individual who craves relationships.

Trust your intuition when it comes to other people, but don't be afraid to let them in. You have a lot of loyalty and love to offer! Being born on the Cusp of Drama and Criticism, you have a charm and magnetism to you that will give you control over any situation! You're empathetic and desperate for equality, meaning that you'll dig as deep as you need to learn the truth and get fair results.

The ability to instantly see right from wrong can make you judgmental, though. Don't sacrifice your natural prudence but be gentle and kind when you speak your mind.

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If you can learn to be open-minded and vulnerable, you'll attract honest relationships and lead a rich and fulfilling life! You're an intensely caring individual who is blessed with bewitching qualities!

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  • While your affection may not be obvious and touchy-feely, you are passionate and care about the equality of those around you. You have a keen intellect and can pinpoint good and evil quickly, and you're able to firmly draw attention to this when needed. You're mysterious and graceful, yet blunt and precise, making others swoon over you. Don't be afraid to show them who you are! You don't have a lot of patience, and those who cross you better watch out for your Scorpion stinger!

    You have a strong moral code that you believe should apply to everyone, not just yourself. When you see prejudice, bullying, or even acts of immaturity, you place fierce judgment and strike if you feel its deserved. It's wonderful that we have a vigilante like you watching out for the little guy, but embrace your chill side! Work on patience and tolerance and you'll be much more approachable. While many people may get under your skin, you really enjoy being in a committed relationship!

    You're a good communicator with a lot of love and emotion to offer a partner.

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